Marc Farré – Toulouse – France
Ethical Webmaster

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As a freelance developer, I help non profit organizations acting for the world transition to take advantage of the power of the web.

Installation – Customization – Module development – Design integration

I want you to

  • Become as much as possible autonomous with your numeric tools
  • Understand the ecological impact of your choices and help you to find alternatives
  • Control your data

Competences & experience

Open source web-apps / social platforms / project management & collaborative tools.

Web programming (since 1995) : PHP (Yii), SQL (MySQL), JS (jQuery), CSS (SASS & LESS), HTML

Server administration (Linux Ubuntu, Apache, Node.JS)


Examples of applications I actually manage

HumHub (Social platform with project management tools), WordPress (CMS) with many collaboratives plugins and federations of WordPress, NextCloud (Cloud), Keycloak (Single Sign On), HackMD (Wiki), Rainloop (mail), and many others.

See a few apps I can install here

Bug tracker – CMS- CRM – Calendar – Cloud – Contact – Decision manager – Help Desk – Ideas  – Mail – Points of interest – Questions and answers  – Social & chat – Survey – form – database – Task manager – Wiki

Organizations I’m currently working with

I have always been involved in different associations and I have good knowledge in participatory governance and management.

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